Grenada - Moliniere Point

Wreck at Moliniere Point, Grenada

This is a great dive taking in a small wreck and a good section of reef.  A bit of everything.

It's also very accessible because of the Marine Park moorings.

LOCATION:                 Moliniere Point, Grenada 
GPS:                             12°05.168N 61°45.817W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    20 metres

Pick up one of the yacht moorings to the south of Moliniere Point and then tie your dinghy up to the most southern buoy in Moliniere Bay.  Descend to 8 metres and then head 300 degrees magnetic across a sandy seabed that drops slowly down to 20 metres where you should find a wrecked schooner.  On the way, keep an eye out for Yellow-headed Jawfish in the sand - I love the way that they back down into their holes when you approach, but if you lie still on the sand they will reappear.

After circumnavigating the small wreck, head east to a reef at a depth of 18 metres.  Go north along the reef until you have 100 bar (1500psi) remaining and then ascend to 12 metres and go south until the reef ends.  Now head ESE across sand along the end of the reef to arrive at the dinghy mooring. 

Nice dive site and most times it has good visibility.

(I believe that you now may have to pay a small fee to dive in the marine park.)