Hiking for Cruisers

Sailing takes you to some out of the way places where it's interesting to hike, but there are no detailed maps and we've found that if you ask the locals, they look at you blankly before asking "Why do you want to do that?" If you manage to get any information, it tends to be vague and you are left to your own sense of direction to reach the objective.

Near the top of the Petit Piton, St Lucia

We've put this "guide" together to help cruising folk get walking. One of the biggest problems is knowing where to start - many of the paths are indistinct and it often looks like you are walking through someone's back garden, so where needed, we include a photographs of the starting point and places where you could lose the track.

Take a big bottle of water for each person and something to eat when you get to the top. We try to start the walk early in the morning, but quite a few of the routes are in shade for most of the time, so we've set out at midday sometimes.

Another big tip is to take plenty of money, so that you can chill out with a nice cold beer and something to eat after you've conquered the route.

It's hot and sweaty, but it's great to get off the boat and the views are spectacular.


The following links will give you a list of the various hikes that we have done in each area: