Carriacou - Grand Bay to Tyrell Bay

This is an pleasant 6 mile hike from Grand Bay back to Tyrell Bay, with the option of climbing Chapeau Carre, if you have the strength.  When we went in November, there were a lot of mosquitos about, so we were glad that we took plenty of insect repellent.

Take the number 12 mini-bus out of Hillsborough, which goes to Mount Pleasant and Grand Bay.  The bus takes you up a very steep road to Hill Top and straight down the other side of the island to Mount Pleasant.  We asked the driver to turn right into Grand Bay. There's no real village centre, so we asked to be dropped off at a very tight right hand bend next to a yellow house and where a dirt road heads more or less straight on.  (12°28.39N 061°26.00W ).

The Start

Take the dirt road, heading south. You pass an old round stone building high on the hill off to the right (a windmill or sugar mill?).  After a few minutes, the road splits into two, next to a couple of big houses on the left.  Take the dirt track heading straight on.  The track takes you parallel to the beach and you can get on the beach in a few places.  

The route weaves it's way through various type of bushland, climbing higher at places, so that there are some good view of the turquoise waters stretching across to Petite Martinique.

Track goes along the beach

After about an hour, you will come to a run-down beach bar, where the dirt road appears to head off to the right.  Do not follow this, instead walk towards the beach and you will find another track that runs along the edge of the beach and then rises up to cross the next headland.  After about another 15 minutes you will pass an old sugar mill (?) on the left and then come to a t-junction, where you should turn right onto a concrete road.

Follow the road up the hill passing the island's rubbish dump.  Take a moment to gasp in awe at the huge amount of single-use plastic that is being accumulated on this tiny island.

Track from Six Roads

The concrete road brings you to the appropriately named hamlet of Six Roads. Ignoring the other five roads, take the dirt track that leads straight on going up towards Chapeau Carre.  After fifteen minutes of gentle climbing, you will pass two houses on the right and then after 3-4 minutes, you will find a path that leads up to the right. This path leads on up to Chapeau Carre.  If you want to take this extra section then refer to the Chapeau Carre Hike instructions.

Path to Chapeau Carre

Ignoring the turning for Chapeau Carre, continue to walk along the dirt track and after a couple of minutes, you will come to a crossroads, where there is a round stone building hidden in the trees on the left.  Take the dirt track that heads straight on.  This track slowly drops down to Tyrell Bay.  You will pass by a few houses and the school, from where you can see the sea beckoning you back to your boat.

Total time for the hike, about 3 hours.  It would be an extra hour to climb Chapeau Carre.