Snorkelling and Diving

17 April 2017   Fulangi, North Huvadhoo Atoll  
We went for a dive with “Jackster” on a pinnacle about 100 metres to the south of where we’re anchored.  It was disappointing and not as good as the pinnacles in the previous anchorage, with most of the shallow coral being bleached and dead.  At depth, the coral was in a much worse condition and there wasn’t as much sea life.  I’m quite amazed by the difference in the condition of these reefs, which are only six miles apart.

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Slowly Heading South

10 April 2017   Veymandhoo to Kunahandhoo, Hadhohunmathee Atoll  
After breakfast, we pulled up the anchor and had a good sail down to next atoll, which has the unpronounceable name of Hadhohunmathee Atoll .  We entered the atoll through a narrow pass at 01°54.93N 073°14.44E, which was very pretty with a couple of deserted islands.  After a further ten mile sail through the atoll, we arrived at the small village of Kunahandhoo, which has a narrow channel leading to the small fishing harbour.  

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Chilling in the Maldives

3 April 2017   Dhigurah to Jinnathugau, North Nilandhe Atoll
After four nights in Dhigurah, we decided that it was time to move on.  We couldn’t leave the island without one last attempt to see Whale Sharks, so we motored slowly along the south-east shore, staying 50 metres from the reef.  I stood on the bow for three hours, looking for dark shadows in the water, but alas, no Whale Sharks - ah well, perhaps somewhere else.

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The Emperor's New Clothes

27 March 2017   Emboodhoo to Mathiveri, North Ari Atoll
The organisation of the Sail Maldives Rally is a bit chaotic.  Two days ago, we were told that the next stop was at Guraidhoo, which is 10 miles south of Emboodhoo.  Last night they told us that we have to go to Mathiveri, 45 miles west of Emboodhoo, so we had to get up at 06:00.  The 15 knot wind was from the WNW, so we were motoring almost directly upwind. 

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Politics in Paradise

20 March 2017   Uligama to Dhiffushi, North Male Atoll (Day 1)
I woke up exasperated about the fact that we won’t be able to go ashore at any of the “inhabited” islands and decided that our best bet was to try to join the Sail Maldives Rally.  I emailed our agent, Assad, who contacted the organiser of the rally, who said that we are welcome to join.  I chatted to the organiser (Haneef) on the phone and he’s sent me a list of their planned anchorages for the next 10 days.

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