Politics in Paradise

20 March 2017   Uligama to Dhiffushi, North Male Atoll (Day 1)
I woke up exasperated about the fact that we won’t be able to go ashore at any of the “inhabited” islands and decided that our best bet was to try to join the Sail Maldives Rally.  I emailed our agent, Assad, who contacted the organiser of the rally, who said that we are welcome to join.  I chatted to the organiser (Haneef) on the phone and he’s sent me a list of their planned anchorages for the next 10 days.

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West to the Maldives

13 March 2017  Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Despite the no-wind weather forecast, our plan is still to leave Sri Lanka in two days’ time, so I was up early doing some administration.   I contacted our Sri Lanka agent (Isle Shipping) and arranged to be cleared out tomorrow, with the intention of leaving for the Maldives the following day.  

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Mirissa and Beyond

20 February 2017    Galle to Mirissa, Sri Lanka
I woke at two o’clock knowing that I’d been bitten by mosquitos.  I climbed out of bed and spent fifteen minutes putting up mosquito screens; plugging in our insecticide heaters and wandering about the boat swatting mosquitos with our zapper - 12 confirmed kills.  Glenys slept soundly throughout this mayhem despite me turning on all of our bedroom lights.

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Sailing to Sri Lanka

13 February 2017    Long Island to Port Blair, Andaman Islands
We were up before the cockerel crowed and set off as the sun rose.  It was a mixed sail - close reaching for the first couple of hours and then a beautifully smooth, two hour broad reach as we went past Havelock Island.  The final two hours were pretty gnarly as we lost the protection of Neil Island and had to cope with the confused 2 metre waves coming from Thailand.  Nevertheless, we made good time and arrived in Port Blair at 13:30, where we found four other yachts that have just come over from Thailand.

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Northern Andaman Islands

6 February 2017    Beach #7, Havelock, Andaman Islands
After a lazy start, we took the dinghy ashore.  There’s a persistent swell coming into the bay, which doesn’t make Alba roll, but causes breaking waves on the beach, so we had to carefully time our approach, darting in between the big waves.  We managed to pull it off with both of us remaining fairly dry.

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