Working in Woburn

11 June May 2018    Benji Bay, Grenada
Glenys continued with her varnishing projects, while I had a look at our battery charger.  In 2013, our friends Maury and Bonnie from “Smidge” gave us a new battery charger after ours stopped working.  At the time, I just wired it in and left it loose on the floor of the cupboard underneath the chart table with the intention of installing it properly when I had time - five years later, it was still lying in the same position.

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Back in Grenada

4 June May 2018    Tyrell Bay to Prickly Bay, Grenada
After two weeks in the lovely Tyrell Bay, we pulled up our anchor and sailed down to Grenada.  We elected to sail close by Diamond Rock and Ile Ronde, which is half way between Carriacou and the north coast of Grenada.  It broke the journey up with some nice scenery, but the wind was very flukey as we passed in the lee of the steep sided islands and we had to start the engine several times.

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A Break From Tyrell Bay

28 May 2018    Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
After ten days of slaving away on the boat, we decided to have a few days’ holiday.   We popped ashore to buy some food and then motored around the corner to Sandy Island.  It’s a pretty little island, which is part of the Marine Park, so you have to pay $25EC per day to anchor or use a mooring.  However, it was blowing a hooley in the anchorage with 2 foot wind waves, so we decided to carry on and find somewhere a little more protected.

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Grafting in Tyrell Bay

21 May 2018    Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
We carried on with the remorseless process of spring-cleaning the boat following seven years of cruising.  Now that Glenys has finished polishing the bright work, she’s now looking at the woodwork.  There are 23 mahogany louvre doors, which are beautifully made, but a pain to clean because there are so many little corners where dust can accumulate.  Glenys has started to work her way through the boat cleaning every louvre on every door with a toothbrush…

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Onto Tyrell Bay

14 May 2018    Chatham Bay, Union Island
Glenys pulled out her sewing machine and had a busy day repairing and adjusting various pieces of canvas work.  She also added some blackout material to the curtains in the aft cabin, which will reduce the sun light in our bedroom in the morning.

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