Leaving Brazil

19 March 2018   Jacaré, Brazil
After an early-ish breakfast, we caught a bus from Olinda to Recife city centre, where we walked to Marco Zero Square, which is supposed to be one of the “must-visit” places in Recife.  We were disappointed - it’s a big square with lots of tourist guides touting for business and a large sanitised tourist souvenir shop, so we didn’t stay long.  Instead we walked to the Mercado de Sao José, which was a bustling local market and interesting to stroll around.

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12 March 2018   Jacaré, Brazil
Last night, when I printed out the “Entrada” form for the customs, I discovered that I’d spelt my name wrong, so I was up at 06:00 to go into marina to use internet and fill in the form for the 5th time.  After going back to the boat to print out the form, we took a taxi to Immigration with Peter and Theresa from “Leyna”.  I was relieved to find out that, contrary to what is said on Noonsite, you don’t have to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts with collars to visit the officials.

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Sailing to Brazil 2

5 March 2018   St Helena to Brazil (Day 10)
Dawn brought us yet another fabulous day.  The shipping is increasing and Glenys actually saw a big tanker on the horizon just after sunrise. It looks like we’ll be crossing the Great Circle route tomorrow.

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Sailing to Brazil 1

26 February 2018   St Helena to Brazil (Day 3)
Dawn brought us another beautiful day with a light SSE 8-12 knot breeze, which continued all day allowing us to average 5 knots.

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St Helena

19 February 2018   Jamestown, St Helena
Being a Monday, we went into town to sort out a few things.  We exchanged money at the Bank of St Helena - a tiny little building.  They charge 5% to give cash on a Credit Card, so instead, we exchanged our left-over South African Rand and $500 US dollars from our emergency cash.  St Helena Pounds are not exchangeable anywhere else in the world, so any money that we have left, we’ll have to change back into British Pounds before we leave.

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