Leaving Alba

27 May 2019   Herrington Harbour North, Virginia
It was Memorial Day, but we had no time to relax.  We were back at the boat at 08:00 and rattled off a few jobs.  I put the final coat of varnish on the cockpit table and Glenys continued to clean after the chaos of the past few days.   I then replaced the aft heads door, which looks great.

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More Work in Maryland

20 May 2019   Herrington Harbour North, Virginia
We were up early again and rushed around tidying away our bedding and the various covers that we use to cover the upholstery.  At 10:20, we were still polishing woodwork, when Roger rang to say that the prospective buyers had arrived early and could they come around in 10 minutes?  The boat was in chaos, but we said yes and quickly pushed all our cleaning materials into shopping bags and into lockers.  Five minutes later, we had a pristine looking show boat.

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Maintenance in Maryland

13 May 2019   Herrington Harbour North, Virginia
It was another grey start to the day and had been cold overnight, so I turned on the heater to remove the chill.  The rain hammered down last night and was a good test of the port-lights - I’m pleased to report that we have no leaks.  It rained on and off all day, so we did jobs down below.

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Damn Port-lights

6 May 2019   Herrington Harbour North, Virginia
It’s very strange to wake up in the morning without having to think about our next passage or the next anchorage.  We’ve been constantly on the move since October and have done nearly 3,000 miles since we left Trinidad.  We don’t even have to look at the weather forecast apart from finding out if it’s going to rain and possibly spoil our maintenance work.

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Heading up the Chesapeake

29 April 2019   Norfolk, Virginia
It was a cold grey morning, forcing me to wear jeans and thick socks for the first time in six months.  We’re just hanging about waiting to sail up to Annapolis tomorrow.  Glenys went for a walk to the supermarket a mile away, while I lurked down below hugging a cup of hot chocolate.

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