Weather Forecast Websites

This is a list of the Weather Forecast Websites that we use. I really like the simple display of the windspeeds in a table and it's the first place that I go to see what's coming when we're at anchor somewhere. The weather data is based on the GFS GRIB model. The locations are aimed at windsurfers, so they tend to be coastal. I try to find a nearby "spot" that is not too affected by the coast. Nice interface to allow you to view wind, waves, rain and currents in a flowing graphical format.  You can click on points on the map to get hourly weather forecasting.  Very good for getting the overall large scale picture. A free version of a subscription web site. Only the Wind Maps are of any use, but the website displays two GRIB models side-by-side and has a nice way of displaying the wind strength with both arrows and colour bands. Good for looking at the bigger picture for the next week. General weather forecast website, aimed at the land based people, but good to give you an idea of how much rain you will get while at anchor or planning to go out for the day.


This is a list of Departure Planning websites.  I use a standalone program called qtVlm, which I can use for Departure Planning as well as On-Passage Route Planning.  (See my articles on Route Planning and Guide To Using qtVlm): This is a great, free website that allows you to calculate single or multiple routes.  I use it as a reality check on qtVlm when I want to do Departure Planning and have a good internet connection.  It uses WindyTv for the GRIB display and data. So it can use both GFS and ECMWF weather data. This is a subscription service - to use the Departure Planning facility you have to pay $250US per year .  There's free access to both an on-line and off-line version, which just allows you to view the Wind GRIB files.  I've not tried it, but lots of people pay to use it.