Lovely Meal

This traditionally is a Norwegian dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in dill, sugar and salt.

You can substitute other strong white fish, such as dorado or barracuda, but don't try it with dark tuna, as the flesh goes rather grey.

Preparation Time:  5 Minutes

Cooking Time:  None

1 lb chunky piece of salmon, or substitute firm white fish such dorado
1 heaped tblsp dried dillweed
1 heaped tblsp brown sugar
1 heaped tblsp coarse sea salt

Mix together all the ingredients apart from the fish. Rub the mixture into the fish, and place into a ziplock bag. Leave to cure in the refrigerator for several days, draining out any liquid that accumulates during that time.

The fish will be ready to eat in a few days, but can be left for a couple of weeks for a stronger flavour. Slice very thinly, as for smoked salmon and serve on blinis or bagels with cream cheese and champagne. 

Tip: If the salmon is too salty for your taste, rinse the fish, rub in some more sugar, and leave to cure for a few more days.