April 1996 - Florida - Page 3

21 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
Day out at Kennedy Space Centre.  The Imax films of the shuttle were awesome.  We had a good day out, but it was exhausting!  Pizza takeaway for dinner.

22 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
We had a day off tourism.  Ceris wandered about the local area.  Glenys put the last coats of paint on the hatches and the binnacle.  I ran about doing some shopping and getting more cash.  I’ve been having trouble installing the Internet browsers and needed to get more files from the Internet.  I also wanted to copy some files onto floppies from some CD ROMs that I got with my computer books.  I called in at a local computer shop “Disc Inc” and they kindly let me use one of their machines to copy my files and get more information from the Internet.  The owner of Disc Inc. has invested money in a local ISP called “Innervision” and I’ve arranged to go and chat to them about how they can help me set up as an ISP – I’m quite excited by the prospect.

23 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
Disney World today.  We got up at half past six and had breakfast on the way.  We entered the Magic Kingdom at ten in the morning – cost $40/adult and $30/child (crickey!).  It was a very hot and tiring day, but pretty good.  The Mickey Parade was crap with loud rap music and “break” dancing.  

The highlight for me was “The Alien Encounter” ride – fantastic animations and special effects. You get locked into chairs and an alien materialises in chamber in the middle of the arena. Naturally it escapes and the lights go off. The seats have loudspeakers built in and you can hear the alien just behind you... I went in first with Brett and he was terrified.  I enjoyed it so much that I went back in with Glenys. 

It was a long day, arriving back at ten pm!

24 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
A day off tourism.  I spent most of the day looking at my Internet stuff, preparing for my meeting tomorrow and trying to get the software working – still lots of problems, mostly because my computer is only a 386SX25 with 4MB RAM running Windows 3.1.  

Glenys, Ceris and the boys went to the fair at the local park.  I went along, but soon got bored and wanted to go back to my computer – boring old fart!  As I sat down below I heard (and felt) a terrific roar – I shot upstairs – to see a rocket lifting off from Cape Canaveral – very exciting!

25 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
I went down to Merritt Island to visit “Innervision” who are an ISP.  They are a small operation – 3 partners, 40 modems and a T1 connection to the internet.  I spent about 3 hours finding out how they operate and how much it costs.  It was all very exciting to be talking about setting up a business again.  

We all went out to the Mexican restaurant for dinner and then went bowling which was really good fun! 

26 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
Universal Studios today.  We got up at seven o’clock and had breakfast on the way at “Pofolks” which prides itself on hearty home style cooking. “PoFolks has a reputation for fillin’ yore tank without emptyin’ yore wallet.” Ceris wasn’t impressed having to drink her Orange Juice out of a jam jar!  

We had a great day at Universal Studios – less crowded, great theme rides – much better than Disney World.

27 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
We had a quiet day in.  I spent some of the day fiddling with my business plan.  Ceris, Glenys and the boys went for walks locally.  I went down to Cocoa to collect the rigging toggle for the mizzen and picked up the sails.

28 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
We went down to Cocoa Village because there was a Jazz Festival on.  When we got there we found out that it was $10 per person to get in.  We decided to go for a nice Sunday lunch instead and then went to Cocoa Beach for the afternoon.

29 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
Sea World today.  Up at seven o’clock again and off we went.  Another hot, exhausting day, but really good fun.  The killer whale shows are amazing with the whales pushing their trainers along underwater.  It’s like the trainers are stood on the whale’s nose and being pushed at great speed to come bursting out of the water to a height of about 20ft.  Incredible.  We all had a wonderful day.

30 April 1996   Titusville Marina, Florida
Ceris left today.  I spent the morning writing letters in a panic.  I rang Touche Ross to find out that they haven’t done a thing about asking the Inland Revenue about our 95/96 non-resident status.  I went raving mad and wrote them two snotty letters – one to their managing partner.  Ceris took them back to post in the UK.  Having done my admin, we went to Steamers Restaurant and had a farewell lunch.  

We went to the airport to see Grandma off – Brett was a bit of a prima donna and got Grandma to take him and Craig to an amusement arcade – Glenys and I were a bit cross with him.  It was good to see Ceris, she looked well, but pretty tired after our whirlwind tour of Florida – I bet she’ll be glad of a rest back in England!