Grenada - Mount Hartman Green Buoy

Spiny Lobster

Typical of the south coast of Grenada, the visibility is poor, but you have a good chance of finding Lobster in the rocky outcrops.

LOCATION:                 Hog Island, Grenada 
GPS:                             11°59.596N 61°44.909W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    15 metres

Tie the dinghy to the green buoy closest to Mount Hartman Bay - the reef to the west of the buoy is often breaking.

Descend by the buoy mooring line and assess the current - when we did this dive there was a strong current from the north.  You can head north or south following the reef.  The visibility is normally poor, but there is a very good chance of finding lobster in the rocky outcrops.  Return along the same route.