Grenada - Adam Island

Spiny Lobster

Typical of the south coast of Grenada, the visibility is poor, but you have a good chance of finding Lobster in the rocky outcrops.

LOCATION:                 Calvigny Island, Grenada 
GPS:                             11°59.643N 61°43.121W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    10-15 metres

Anchor off Calvigny Island, take your dinghy through the small pass in the reef and head to the green buoy to the south of Adam Island.  You can either anchor the dinghy or tie off on the navigation buoy.

Descend by the buoy mooring line and head east following the contour.  There are occasional rocky out crops seperated by long stretches of boring sand.  The visibility is normally poor, but there is a very good chance of finding lobster in the rocky outcrops.  Return along the same route. Not a very good dive site unless you want to see lobster.

Depth 10-15 metres.