Canuoan - Corbay

Spotted Eagle Ray, Canuoan

This is a pleasant dive on sloping reef, which runs along the edge of a sandy seabed.  Hardly anyone else goes here, so you're likely to see something different.

We saw a lovely big Spotted Eagle Ray here.

LOCATION:                 Little Bay, Canuoan 
GPS:                             12°43.919N 61°20.058W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    20 metres

Anchor the yacht in sand off the small beach in Little Bay. Take the dinghy north, anchoring in five metres just north of the un-named bay past Corbay.  Swim out 90 degrees to the shore, descending slowly to 12 metres at the edge of the sand and head north following the edge of the reef.  It gradually drops to 20 metres.  Continue until you've used half your air plus reserve and then head up the reef a little to return to the dinghy. Keep an eye out to the sand - there are rays and turtles around.

It's a nice reef with lots of fish.  It may be better to start 100 metres further north if the conditions allow it.

There's good snorkelling on the headland to the north of the Yacht anchorage in Little Bay.