Bequia - Devil's Table

Grey Angelfish, Bequia

This dive is on the reef on the north side of Admiralty Bay.  It's easy to get to and is a nice healthy reef with a wide variety of fish.


LOCATION:                 Admiralty Bay, Bequia 
GPS:                             13°00.719N 61°14.995W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    10 metres

Pick up the dive mooring to the North of the Devil's Table cardinal marker.  

Head west and follow the reef around to the south. Then retrace your route.  It's a nice reef with lots of fish and nice coral.  There can be a lot of current on this dive, so keep an eye out.

In 1994, I did a dive to a wreck - I haven't repeated this, but here are the directions from my log book.  Go west from the cardinal marker until you come to a large metal plate. Continue for 10 metres and then head 330 degrees magnetic (following a rope.)  This leads to a wreck of an old schooner.