Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Making your own sun dried tomatoes is really easy, and they are so full of flavour. They make a wonderful addition to pasta, fried rice or a salad.


Preparation Time:  2 Minutes + 2 days out in the sun
Cooking Time:  None

1 lb fresh tomatoes Freshly ground rock salt
Olive oil  

Cut the tomatoes into segments (rather like an orange), roughly 8 per medium size tomato.

Spread out in a single layer on a metal baking tray, sprinkle with freshly ground salt and place in a sunny spot for the day. Take indoors overnight, then put back in the sun for a second day, having turned the tomatoes over so that both sides get the benefit of the sun.

Put the tomatoes into a glass jar (don't squash them down), and cover completely with olive oil. Screw the lid on and leave in the fridge. They are ready to eat the next day, but improve with age. They will keep for several weeks in the fridge.

Try them in my recipe for Spaghetti with Sun Dried Tomatoes.