Sayurbening (Indonesian Steamed Vegetables)

Lovely Meal

This is a very simple dish, with only three ingredients.

I learned how to make it as part of a cookery session in Indonesia, where I also got the recipes for Parende  and Mee Goreng.

There were about 20 of us crammed into the  living room of a local English teacher's house. Three small burners sat on the floor, fired by parafin, with various pots and woks simmering and steaming - the heat was quite intense, and our eyes watered from the fumes of the parafin.

But the resulting dishes were so tasty, bursting with flavour from ingredients bought fresh from the market that morning.




Preparation Time:  10 Minutes
Cooking Time:  10 minutes

1 bunch kankung (spinach) 2 ears sweetcorn, husked
2 cups chopped pumpkin  


Boil a large pan of water. Add the chopped pumpkin and sweetcorn, sprinkle in a good tablespoon of sea salt, cover and simmer.

After 10 minutes, add the spinach, allow to wilt. It is now ready to serve, with Parende (Boiled Fish), and rice or steamed cassava (Kasoami).