August 1994 - Grenada to Trinidad

1 August 1994 Hog Island, Grenada
Glenys nursing her hangover. We have been living on the boat for two years today. We’ve done 10,897 miles. I went into Secret Harbour to try to ring my dad who retired yesterday. I didn’t have any luck. I did however talk to Chris and Sue from “Samarcanda” (Swiss). Chris said he had seen my sign and wants to do an OW Course. I did Margaret’s first theory and confined water.

Glenys bought some t-shirts from Marilyn on “Temptress” (USA). The outboard stopped working on the way to get some tanks filled. I managed to get my 12V soldering iron working and got my printer PSU working.

2 August 1994 Hog Island
I stripped the outboard carburettor and got it working again. Then I went and did Module 1 theory with Chris. When we went to start the dinghy it wouldn’t start! I got it over to “Mama Bear” (USA) and Dave stripped the carb and checked it for me for $20. He said that there’s nothing wrong with it apart from bits in the fuel system. I went to start it about half an hour later and it wouldn’t start! I stripped the carb and it’s OK now (touch wood!)

I did Chris’ first Confined Water exercise on the reef which is nicer than Calvigny Island. Gerry from “Rajah Laut” came over and asked if I could take his nephew and niece on a Discover Scuba. I went over to Secret Harbour to fill 4 tanks in the evening.

3 August 1994 Hog Island
I did confined water 2 with Chris and Margaret in the morning. In the afternoon, I did two Discover Scuba with Bill and Wendy from “Rajah Laut”. Both they and I enjoyed it. Bill wants to do an OW Course now, so I spent an hour in the evening trying to reschedule diving over the next 7 days! Margaret is a bit of a problem because I can’t tie her down to a fixed timetable.

I went to get 3 tanks filled. I reckon I’ll have to get over 40 tank fills over the next 7 days! Gerry on “Rajah Laut” has a Bauer compressor for sale and I’m seriously considering it. To cap it all Bob from Scuba World actually asked me if I wanted to dive the Bianco C on Friday – I had to say no!

4 August 1994 Hog Island
I managed to get my 3 students to agree to a timetable for the next 7 days. I did CW3 with Chris in the morning and then did OW1 and OW2 with him in the afternoon. He had a problem with clearing his ears on the second dive because I tried to get him to do two descents and a Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA). I’ll have to do his CESA on OW Dive 5.

Glenys has had a slight problem with cystitis over the past couple of days and took a Septrin tablet which Terri from “Manx Cat” gave her to try. Unfortunately Septrin contains Trimethoprim which is an antibiotic to which Glenys has an allergic reaction. She threw up at bedtime and got the shakes. I gave her an antihistamine tablet. Filled 2 tanks.

5 August 1994 Hog Island
Glenys was feeling rough this morning, so she took another antihistamine and stayed in bed all day. John (11) came from “Rajah Laut” and played with the boys in the morning, while I did CW1 and CW2 with Bill from “Rajah Laut”.

In the afternoon, the boys went to the beach and I did CW3 with Bill and Margaret. I started at half past seven and finished at six o’clock and then went to get 2 tanks filled. It was Bill’s birthday party on the beach in the evening. We managed to persuade Craig into bed at about nine o’clock, but Brett and I stayed out until eleven o’clock.

6 August 1994 Hog Island
Glenys feels better this morning. She still feels a bit weak but managed to zip across to Secret Harbour while I did some theory. I did CW4 with Chris and Bill and OW1 with Margaret and Bill. I went to get 6 tanks filled – Gary’s starting to complain about me arriving after six o’clock with loads of tanks!

7 August 1994 Hog Island
Barbeque Day. Glenys feeling good today – she actually lit the barbeque fire. I did CW5 with Chris and Bill and CW4 with Margaret. I took 2 tanks to get filled and still made it back to the barbeque for a beer. I talked to André and Jasint on “Petty Bonhaur” (CAN) about André starting an OW Course next Friday.

8 August 1994 Hog Island
I did OW2 with Margaret and OW4 with Chris. Then in the afternoon I did OW2 with Bill and OW5 with Chris. My first certification! I talked to “Rajah Laut” about a compressor (Bauer) but it has a 220V electric motor, so I would have to buy a petrol engine in addition to the $1800 he wants. What a shame. 4 tanks filled.

9 August 1994 Hog Island
I declared today a holiday because of carnival. Glenys ran around in the morning doing shopping, getting some water and generally enjoying the freedom of having the dinghy again. We all then went to St Georges to watch the carnival parade. Most of the other boats went as well so it was very pleasant. The parade was quaintly disorganised but good fun. It was very hot so the boys and I went for a swim when we got back. I must have been drunk because I ended up diving off the mizzen spreaders – what a long way down!

10 August 1994 Hog Island
Glenys went into town with Gerry from “Rajah Laut”. I did OW4 and OW5 with Bill and OW3 with Margaret. The dives with Bill were nice but the OW with Margaret was a bit rough even in the lee of the reef. 4 tanks filled.