October 1994 - Trinidad to Grenada

1 October 1994 Scotland Bay, Trinidad to La Vache Bay
We pottered around in the morning. Scotland Bay is very peaceful. I saw an osprey and we heard loud raucous calls which we think were howler monkeys. We motored up the north coast and anchored close to shore in La Vache Bay. This is another beautiful spot with the rainforest coming down the steep slopes to the sea. The anchorage is a bit rolly but sheltered.

We did some swimming, snorkelling and body board skiing. It’s great not to have to think about doing jobs. Brett, Craig and I went for an explore up a path and met an old guy in a rough shack. He comes here to sit in seclusion and read the bible at weekends. He very kindly gave us a couple of avocados.

A local fisherman rowed over with his two sons, gave us a couple of breadfruit and some tips on line fishing. Apparently tuna is good bait. We gave him some books for his children to read. We all then did some fishing and caught a few small fish.

2 October 1994 La Vache Bay to Maracas Bay
We motored around to Maracas Bay. The anchorage is very nice. The boys went to the beach and played with some local kids. We watched the locals fishing with a seine net. It got stuck on the bottom causing 30 minutes of mayhem and some very colourful language.

Glenys and I had a go at cleaning the waterline – we still have tar marks. We got ready to sail, had dinner and went to bed with the alarm set for midnight.

3 October 1994 Maracas Bay to Store Bay, Tobago
We motored out of Maracas Bay at midnight and motored up the coast. Glenys was on watch when we passed an unlit fishing boat. She didn’t see it until it was about 40ft off our port side. I had a similar experience with a fishing boat with a single white light. It is very difficult to judge distance with a single white light and we were on it before I knew it.

By seven o’clock, we had reached the north east tip of Trinidad and struck out for Tobago. The wind was dead on the nose, so we motored the whole way. We went into Scarborough, anchored, cleared customs, did some shopping, bought some rotis for lunch and set sail for the south coast of the island. We spend the night in Store Bay which was a bit rolly.

4 October 1994 Store Bay to Bucoo Bay
Glenys did school work in the morning and I went to the local dive shop for some advice on local dive sites. We then went round to Bucoo Bay and anchored next to “Mini Titanic”. We had met Hans and Siegred in Almeria, Spain in September 1993. We went snorkelling and went to the beach before going to “Mini Titanic” for lots of punch and red wine. The boys had a good time messing about with Hans who kept trying to lock them in his engine compartment.

5 October 1994 Bucoo Bay
I did school work with Brett while Glenys made a new wind-scoop for the back hatch. It kept raining last night and we were hot. We also rocked and rolled last night, so we put out a stern anchor to keep us stern to the swell. It rained most of the day and Craig wasn’t feeling well, so we had a quiet day in.

6 October 1994 Bucoo Bay to Man of War Bay
We motored round to Mount Irvine Bay which is very nice but rolly. Glenys and I did a dive off the headland. We then motored to Great Courland Bay, had lunch and decided to press on up the coast because the anchorage was very rolly. We stopped for a quick look at Parlatuvier Bay but decided to carry on as the bay is small, crowded with fishing boats and (you’ve guessed) very rolly. We went to Man of War Bay and had to anchor in 20 metres of water. What a busy day.

7 October 1994 Man of War Bay
Glenys did school work in the morning and I wrote letters. In the afternoon, we went for a quick look at the town, Charlotteville, and then walked to Pirate Bay. Charlotteville is a small village and Pirate Bay has a lovely beach. It would be a great anchorage, but we can’t anchor there because the locals fish with seine nets every day. Brett caught 5 big eyes which tasted wonderful.

8 October 1994 Man of War Bay
School work in the morning. We mooched about in the afternoon getting grumpy with each other. It kept raining and we were rolling a lot. Eventually we went to the beach. I went off by myself and had an hour’s snorkelling. I snared a fair sized lobster, but it had eggs so I had to let it go.

9 October 1994 Man of War Bay to Anse Bateau
We motored around to Anse Bateau which is lovely. Nice little bay with good beach, fresh wind and good snorkelling. We went for a dive and then to the hotel for lunch and a couple of beers. We had lunch with Steve, Linda and Dave (7) from “Maccabee”. They are the only other boat in the anchorage. We all walked down to Speyside past an old water wheel amongst the ruins of a sugar mill. The sun shone and life was wonderful.

10 October 1994 Anse Bateau
This anchorage is so nice that we decided to stay a few days. After school work and lunch Glenys and I went for another dive, this time with Steve and Linda. Brett and Craig played with Dave. “Maccabee” came to our boat for a communal dinner. Filled 2 scuba tanks.