November 1994 - Grenada to St Vincent


1 November 1994 Prickly Bay, Grenada to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
We motored around to Secret Harbour, picked up the gas bottles and then set off to chase “Dabulamanzi”. When we both motor-sail, we catch them up, but when we both sail they streak ahead. We eventually caught them up near the top of Grenada.

We drew alongside and were just pulling ahead, when a big gust of wind blew one of our cockpit cushions overboard. We had to go back and get it, so they got ahead again. We tried to get the cushion by Glenys climbing in the dinghy which we were towing. I luffed up, but we kept getting blown off so I just dived in to get it.

We stopped off at Ile De Ronde for lunch. We all went for a snorkel and Gareth impressed us all by catching a 4½ lb lobster with his bare hands. We had a very nice sail up to Carriacou and had dinner on “Glencora”.

2 November 1994 Tyrell Bay to Tobago Cays
Glenys, Gareth and I went for a dive at the Sisters. We then sailed to Union, cleared in and motored to the Tobago Cays. We had dinner on “Dabulamanzi”.

3 November 1994 Tobago Cays
Bit of a hangover today. We did school work and then went for a snorkel with Gareth. Gareth and Fi left after lunch and we had a quiet afternoon.

4 November 1994 Tobago Cays
School work in the morning. Glenys and I went for a short dive, but the visibility was terrible. We stopped off at “Manx Cat” to have a cup of tea with Ian and Terri. Filled 2 tanks.

5 November 1994 Tobago Cays
School work in the morning. It threw it down most of the afternoon. We had a big squall go through with 40 knot winds. We decided to go to the beach at about four o’clock and got covered in thick oil hidden in the sand. It took us ages to get it off the boys using white spirit.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time practicing the clarinet. It’s very hard work and I don’t seem to be getting any better. I think I’ve reached a wall and need to keep pushing to break through.

6 November 1994 Tobago Cays
School work in the morning. Another horrible, rainy, windy day so we decided to stay put. I spent an hour and a half windsurfing. It took a while to get used to it after a three month layoff. I was shattered.

7 November 1994 Tobago Cays to Saline Bay, Mayreau
We took the opportunity of a break in the rain to dash to Union Island so that Glenys could buy some essentials. We then motored to Saline Bay.

After lunch, Glenys and I went to do a dive on a wreck just off the headland. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it. We decided to do a short dive anyway. The current was very strong and the visibility was poor, so we only did 5 minutes! We went back to the boat and I rechecked the transits. Armed with a hand bearing compass I went back with snorkelling gear, but still couldn’t find it - very frustrating!

8 November 1994 Saline Bay
We woke up this morning to find a cruise ship anchored off the bay and the usually quiet beach was buzzing with activity. White beach chairs had been set up along the beach with the locals waiting, hungry for Yankee dollars. We did school work and then went to the beach with the intention of buying a roti for lunch.

The beach was heaving with about 500 people. We waded through the locals selling t-shirts and tourist stuff to find that the cruise ship had set up its own bar and buffet lunch. There was no local food or bars, so we couldn’t get anything to eat! It was an amazing operation with steel band, towels, beach mats and waiters all laid on by the cruise ship. The passengers were queuing for food. The thought of all that queuing has put me off cruise ships for life!

By five o’clock, everything had been returned to normal, the only sign of the bustling day being the neatly stacked beach chairs and the footprints in the sand!

9 November 1994 Saline Bay to Saltwhistle Bay
I went mad and decided to go snorkelling at quarter past seven in the morning - I finally discovered the location of the wreck, but Glenys didn’t want to go for a dive, so we did school work in the morning.

We motored around to Salt Whistle Bay (past two boats anchored next to the wreck.) Salt Whistle Bay really is lovely. We went for a snorkel around the headland which was nice. We ended up on “L’Escargot” (UK) having a beer with Peter and Stella. When we got back to our boat another bloke came over for a chat. He’s a doctor from Lichfield who owns an oyster 406 called “Sakida” which is based in Plymouth.

10 November 1994 Saltwhistle Bay to Little Bay, Canouan
School work in the morning. We sailed to Little Bay, Canouan where we’ve been before – it’s a great, quiet anchorage. After lunch, Glenys and I went for a dive but (alas) saw no sign of lobster. Glenys raided the cupboards for dinner. Craig and Glenys caught a few small fish in the evening.