Spare Parts for Generator

Our Fischer Panda 6.5 hp generator is an essential piece of equipment, which runs our water maker and our dive compressor.  While preparing to cross the Indian Ocean, I reviewed the problems that we've had with our generator over the past five years and checked that I was carrying sufficient spare parts to be able to keep the generator running.  If the generator fails in the remote Chagos atoll, then we'll not be able to make water and, with a nine day, 1,000 mile passage to the Seychelles, we'd have to start rationing water and probably leave immediately. 

Panda Fischer 6.5hp

I'm not too worried about hoses or exhaust problems because they can be sorted out using epoxy, hose clips, rubber gasket material and self amalgamating tape of which I have plenty.  It's the "clever" parts that concern me, which are difficult to work around.

Top of the list is a spare Fuel Pump, I guess I could bypass the pump and use another pump, but I already have an old pump, which leaks a little diesel, but would be fine to get us out of trouble for a couple of months.

The next essential spare is the Fuel Solenoid Valve.  This allows fuel into the Injector Pump and is the main way of stopping the generator.  It is a electro-mechanical device, custom made for the generator and would be extremely difficult to bodge.  I carry a brand-new spare.

The sea water pump is another critical component, so I carry a spare pump, impellers, bearings, seals, and SpeedSeal o-rings.

We've had endless problems with Relays - mostly caused by them vibrating loose and giving intermittent problems, so I carry three spare relays.

I carry two spare injectors, but only because I replaced them five years ago and had the old ones serviced.

The Exhaust Elbow has failed three times in 15 years, so I carry a spare (repaired) elbow.  This is not so critical as the small holes that normally form can be repaired with Epoxy.

The remaining spares are the normal filters, fan belts and oil.

The Earth Isolation Relay has failed in the past and I had to fit a new one, but I know that I can bypass the relay with jumper leads, which will get me out of trouble, so I haven't bothered to get a spare.

Here's my spares list.  As I've travelled around the world, searching small hardware stores in remote places, I've gathered a list of alternative part numbers for filters.

Spare Part



Alternator Belt (9.5 * 890)

NAPA 25 - 7345  (10 * 891mm) (Fits but is a little bit too wide)
Gates XL - 7345


Diodes for Earth Isolation Relay



Electric Fuel Pump

Hardi 14412 12V


Engine Oil (litres)

Super High Performance Diesel Engine Oil (SHPD) 15W-40

2.5 litres

Exhaust Manifold (Exhaust Outlet Injection P8)

Used / Repaired


Filter - Oil

KUB 15841-3243-0 (Kubota)
WIX 51358
NAPA Gold 1358
Sakura C-8036


Filter - Primary Fuel

Perkins 26561117
NAPA 3166
CAV 7111-296
Baldwin BF825
Sakura FC-1702


Filter - Secondary Fuel

WIX 33023
NAPA Gold 3023


Fuel Solenoid Valve

Part No:  FP34.08.06.007
Fuel solenoid GSR 12V with Banjo Bolt M10X1.25



Serviced Aug 2012


Relay  12V 40A (4 pin)

(Original) Hella 4RA 003 510-111
(Latest Model) Hella 4RA 933 332-101


Sea Water Pump - Spare

Johnson F4B-9 (10-35127-3  1039)


Sea Water Pump Impellor



Sea Water Pump Service - Bearings

2 bearings in the pump
SKF 6001-2RSH
(OD=28mm, ID=12mm, Depth=8mm)


Sea Water Pump Service - Lip Seal

2 lip seals in the pump
Gaco DPSM 12247
(OD=24mm, ID=12mm, Depth=7mm)


Speedseal Knurled Nuts



Speedseal O-ring




Neville Howarth. Dec 2016.